Golden Choo

jimmychootote.jpgMaybe the picture doesn’t adequately show it, but this bag is huge. Huuuuuge. And oh-so-very beautiful.

It’s the Metallic Suede Tote from Jimmy Choo, a gorgeous drawstring purse that will fit just about anything you could possibly need for a full and busy day.

It also comes in black – but this gold is just stunning and so very unique.


SRP $1595.00

August 14, 2006. Jimmy Choo, Purse du Jour. Comments (4)

Purple Choo

jimmy choo ciao purseI love love love purple purses – and this just might be my favourite so far.

It’s the Jimmy Choo Ciao purse, a lovely ruched satin creation with jewelled crystal mesh ring handles and a zipper buried in all those folds of purple.

It’s a very little-girl-playing-princess purse, all royal purple and sparkly handles and soft cheek-rubbingly soft fabric…

An evening bag that just begs to be shown off in day time! 

SRP $1,600.00

April 21, 2006. Jimmy Choo, Purse du Jour. Comments (3)

Choo Clee

jimmy-choo-clee.JPGIt’s been a while since we’ve had a nice slinky evening bag, so here we go!

This is the Clee Evening Bag from Jimmy Choo – a shimmery soft grey satin purse with gold hardware and the sort of press-close flap that was far more common with the older, more vintage purses… like the first purse you took out of your mother’s closet and played dress up with.

It’s a very elegant and ladylike purse with a twist – the handle is a little thicker than is standard for evening-wear and it has those cute little blue charms to catch the eye in a flash of colour.

Perfect to take to a wedding reception, or any kind of summer springtime soiree…

SRP $795.00 

April 10, 2006. Jimmy Choo, Purse du Jour. Comments (0)

Golden Choo

jimmychoocarnia.jpgThis glittery little evening bag is the Carina Suede Purse from Jimmy Choo.

Made from a beautiful gold suede material, it’s pretty much gold all over – gold hardware handles and studs, gold stitching, and gold beaded trim. The handle has a sort of tiger-yellow adornment to it, over a magnetic closure.

It’s a very decadent, luxurious looking purse… like an extremely valuable and rare golden droplet of a pearl. The fact that it’s made of suede means extra special care will have to be taken care of it – this is no doubt a real treat of a purse rather than a long-term practical investment.

It is because of that fact rather than despite it that this purse is such a pleasure – it’s more than glamorous and gorgeous enough to be worth it… a real princess purse from Jimmy Choo.

SRP $665.00 

February 19, 2006. Jimmy Choo, Purse du Jour. Comments (0)

Back atChoo

jimmychoo.JPGRight here we have a perfect example of a retro-purse done right.

Not only is it all pink and buckly, but someone took a disco ball for inspiration and the end result is this mesh tote from Jimmy Choo. The handles and lining are made of leather, and the hardware is gold. The lining is soft beige suede with satin trim… perfect for a night out at a very swanky nightclub or restaurant.

Verrrry funky… 

November 18, 2005. Jimmy Choo, Purse du Jour. Comments (0)

All Aboard!

jimmychoobronze.JPGWhen you hear the words "Jimmy Choo" I’m sure the first thing that springs to mind is either "Oooh, shoes!" or "Oooh, Sex And The City!"

Well today we are here for neither shoes nor tv — it’s all about purses, and Jimmy Choo are responsible for some rather fabulous ones. You can pretty much guarantee that if a design house knows what they are doing with shoes, they will know what they’re doing with purses. It’s like strawberries and cream, yin and yang, both complementary and contradictory. The same concepts that go into the creation of shoes also go into purses. On a side note, Jimmy Choo are one of the few designers to be able to create a genuinely comfortable three-inch-heel. It’s a joy to behold.

Now this purse here is from the current evening collection — beatiful python leather, available in three different colours (black, bronze and blue) with a python clasp. It’s so gorgeously, ancient Egyptian-ishly glamorous, and certainly not a purse for everyone — I strongly suspect it’s a love-it-or-hate-it purse.

I know which side of the fence I’m on… 

November 7, 2005. Jimmy Choo, Purse du Jour. Comments (1)